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Supported by a highly qualified team of Canadian automotive experts, TRADER is committed to being a trustworthy source of thorough, timely and relevant insights and advice. With over 26 million visits a month and more than 7 million mobile app downloads, our automotive marketplace,, is the largest source of car shopper data and insight. Leveraging this marketplace data high ground helps our partners drive profitability and effectiveness of their business efforts no matter what the road ahead may look like.

Along with our top dealer and OEM software and lending solutions, AutoSync and Dealertrack, our profound consumer insights and industry expertise provide our customers with a complete suite of connected automotive solutions tailored to their needs — helping them get the most out of TRADER to make more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

We comb through mountains of data, analyzing hundreds of thousands of data points, to discover the latest in consumer and pricing trends over time. In addition, we continuously engage with car shoppers throughout the year to gain their perspectives and sentiment toward various aspects of the ever-evolving automotive industry to help dealerships seize new opportunities and operate at their highest potential. Price Index

Automotive Pricing Trends and Insights

Each month, we track and analyze millions of used and new car listings on to bring the latest in pricing shifts and trends over time— providing updates on key aspects of Canadian automotive to ensure our partners are in the know.
Source: (1) TRADER Google Analytics, January 2023. (2) TRADER Data Warehouse March 2023. PRICE INDEX SUBSCRIPTION

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