Optimize Asset Recovery & Insolvency Management Strategies with Managed Services

Technology Solutions that Offer Industry Insights

CollateralManagement is a national, end-to-end, managed technology solution that offers industry insight and multi-channel collection strategies to maximize funds recovered. CollateralManagement helps you remain compliant in all jurisdictions, alleviating your exposure to reputational and financial risks.

Enhanced Recovery Practices

Customer & Vendor Management

Manage the engagement of customers and pertinent third-party organizations to recover and remarket assets to reduce losses.

Market Insights

Utilize technology platforms paired with managed services for asset recovery and insolvency management and to ensure loss prevention.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risk with access to industry and proprietary insights that are designed based on your unique business rules to benchmark your performance against the industry.

Insolvency Management

Increase recoveries, satisfy creditors’ insolvency processing needs and deliver meaningful value against core recovery objectives. CollateralManagement reduces costs by removing administrative duties from a lender’s back office and minimizes risk caused by seasonal and cyclical factors.

Unsecured Recovery

Maximize recoveries with the ability to track the performance of your portfolio, recovery channels and suppliers in real-time. CollateralManagement is available as a managed service or as SaaS and offers cost reduction with a user-friendly platform that eliminates technology maintenance costs and allows for simplified management of single and multi-product portfolios.


Optimize redemption and asset remarketing strategies that maximize funds recovered on delinquent secured loans and increase recoveries. CollateralManagement’s managed service model reduces costs by allowing you to focus on customer service, reallocate overhead to core functions and reduce transaction costs. Our best-in-class repossession remarketing offering has well established processes and systems to optimize proceeds, minimize disbursement costs and cycle times.

Real Property Recovery

Managed processes and technology that facilitate the recovery and enforcement of mortgage foreclosure, power of sale and other outsourced legal services. Benefit from seamless communication with all parties involved in a secure, safe and effective service that is designed to reduce administration costs and increase productivity.

The CollateralManagement Advantage

Maximize Recoveries

Optimize asset remarketing programs to recover funds faster with standardized processes, automated workflows and continuous improvement that eliminates costly delays.


Minimize Cost

Reduce overhead expenses with pre-defined business rules and exception management processes that allow you to focus on core banking and customer service functions.


Mitigate Risk

Comply with regulatory requirements by leveraging our expertise and accessing a portal that provides complete visibility and tracking for audits.


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