Privacy Policy


TRADER Corporation (including all of its affiliates and subsidiaries, hereinafter collectively referred to as “TRADER”) knows that protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is important. Collection, use and disclosure of personal information by TRADER are governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”), and any applicable provincial legislation. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information is collected from users of the website (collectively, the “Website”) and how it is used. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by TRADER. Be aware that Websites (and all associated applications, including any mobile applications) operated by TRADER may contain links to other websites provided and maintained exclusively by third parties, not subject to this Privacy Policy. Please review the privacy policies on any external websites to determine their information handling practices. TRADER will not be liable in any circumstances for any damages whatsoever, direct or indirect, resulting from any use of the Website or any other third party website linked to the Website, whether or not we are advised of the possibility of such damages. TRADER may also collect your personal information through third party websites accessible from the Website and any such personal information will be governed by this Policy and treated as though it was obtained directly from the website.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this Privacy Policy or your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at We welcome suggestions as to how we could improve our privacy policy and practices — we may not be able to implement every suggestion, but we care about your privacy and we welcome your comments.

By using the Website, you consent to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of this information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not, or can not consent to these terms, you cannot use the Website.


“TRADER” means TRADER Corporation (a company with offices at 405 The West Mall, Suite 110, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, M9C 5J1) and its subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies.

The “Website” means the TRADER website accessible at and any associated or co-branded features, applications, services or websites provided to you by TRADER.

The “Policy”, or the “Privacy Policy” means this privacy policy, including amendments, modifications, and additions.


“Personal information” is any information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title, business address or business telephone number of an employee of an organization. Information used solely for journalistic, artistic or literary purposes is exempted from the provisions of the Act. TRADER is responsible for personal information under its possession, custody, or control and has designated a privacy officer who is accountable for TRADER’s compliance with the principles set out in the Act.


TRADER collects personal information for specific, limited purposes. Personal information is collected by fair and lawful means though the Website, including, without limitation, through the following Website components:

  • Newsletter Sign-Up Forms;
  • Information Request Forms;
  • Pricing Request Forms;
  • Demo Request Forms; and
  • Other available forms made available on the Website.
Personal information collected by TRADER is used by TRADER for the following purposes:

  • To complete your TRADER transactions, respond to your requests and inquiries, and for general marketing purposes, or as otherwise indicated;
  • To establish your location, to improve your experience and, from time to time, to send you information, such as offers, that is most relevant to your geographic location;
  • To contact you about, among other things, changes, enhancements or other notices related to the Website, TRADER product offerings or generally about TRADER’s business;
  • If you enter a contest or other promotion offered through the Website, to administer the contest or promotion including contacting, announcing and promoting prizewinners;
  • In order to gain a better understanding of your interests so that we may develop and market better products and services;
  • For use by third party research organizations engaged by TRADER to contact you, on behalf of TRADER, to ascertain, among other things, your feedback in respect of TRADER products and services. Note any such third party research organization will not be permitted to use for personal information for any other purpose;
  • To gather information about your experience using the Website, in some cases through the use of third party services. Note any such third party will not be permitted to use for personal information for any other purpose;
  • If you choose to opt-out of any use of your personal information in accordance with our opt-out policy, we keep your contact information on a list so that your request can be honoured; and
  • Any additional purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information which are not set out in this Privacy Policy, will be set out at the time of collection. You will be given a reasonable opportunity to opt-out of any additional purposes no later than the time of collection.
TRADER adheres to the requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation and, in connection therewith, tracks consent choices and dates within its internal customer and prospect databases, and makes every possible attempt to ensure only those who have provided express consent are targeted with sales and/or marketing related messages through commercial electronic messages. In addition, TRADER reserves the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or legal process served on the Websites, enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, or protect the rights, property or safety of the Website, its users or others. TRADER may also disclose your personal information to parties connected with the contemplated or actual financing, insuring, sale, assignment or other disposal of all or part of our business or assets, including for the purposes of determining whether to proceed or continue with such transaction or business relationship or fulfilling any records or other reporting requirements to such parties. We will require such parties to treat your personal information in accordance with this Privacy.


We collect certain non-personal information, such as internet cookies and data for market research. Internet cookies are small pieces of information that a website stores on your internet browser.

We use cookies to better understand how you use our websites and to improve your experience. For example, a cookie may recall a set of preferences you have set for our website. Cookies are also used to measure the performance of the Website including number of page visits, duration of visits and click-throughs and to direct you to relevant advertisements to third party websites. These activities are invisible to you, and are generally intended to improve your internet surfing convenience.

For more information about cookies generally, please visit any of the following websites (TRADER is not responsible and shall in no way be liable for the information provided therein):

TRADER will install a cookie on your desktop, tablet or mobile device unless you have disabled the ability for cookies to be installed in your web browser and will remain installed after you leave the Website. Such cookie will only originate from the Website. Further, unless you have set your preferences so that you will be alerted when a cookie is being stored on your computer, tablet and/or mobile device you will not know about it.

You may manage how your mobile device and mobile browser share location information with TRADER, as well as how your mobile browser handles cookies and related technologies by adjusting your mobile device privacy and security settings. Please refer to instructions provided by your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of your device to learn how to adjust your settings.

We may place advertising or other links on our Website that originate from outside advertisers. If you view these ads, the advertisers may assign a cookie. TRADER does not control these cookies, nor is TRADER responsible for any marketing or other use of your name by these advertisers.


We have data security policies and practices in place, and use our best efforts to safeguard your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. However, we cannot be held liable in the event of unauthorized access to or inadvertent disclosure of any Personal Information. Except as set out in this Policy, the personal information collected through the Website will never be shared with any third-party organizations or persons outside of TRADER without your consent.


Users of the Website are given the opportunity to (i) opt-out of receiving communications from us, (ii) remove their information from our database, or (iii) elect to no longer receive services from us. If you wish to opt-out of receiving further communications, please contact TRADER’s privacy officer (the “Privacy Officer”) using the contact information provided below. In addition, if you do not wish to receive marketing offers from TRADER, you may opt-out at any time by doing either of the following:

  • Click the unsubscribe link provided in Marketing Offers delivered to you by TRADER.
  • E-mail and request that your personal information not be used for any Marketing Offers.
Users of this Website may contact the Privacy Officer to modify or correct any of their personal information that is under our control. You may also direct a written complaint regarding compliance with this Privacy Statement to the Privacy Officer and, within a reasonable time upon receiving the written complaint, the Privacy Officer will conduct an investigation into the matter. Within a reasonable time of concluding the investigation, the Privacy Officer will inform the complainant whether the complaint will be allowed or denied. If the Privacy Officer considers the complaint to be well founded, TRADER will take appropriate measures to address the complaint.

In addition, TRADER is committed to keeping accurate records and may contact you to confirm information relating to you and your employees.

We cannot always delete records of past interactions and transactions. For example, we are required to retain records relating to previous purchases on our site for financial reporting or other compliance reasons. We will give you access to the information we retain about you within a reasonable time, upon written request, satisfactory identification and proof of entitlement. In some cases, we may not provide access to personal information in our possession or control. If we deny your request, we will advise you in writing of the reason for the refusal and you may challenge our decision.


We have appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee compliance with this Privacy Policy. The contact information for our Privacy Officer is as follows:

Privacy Officer
3555 Gilmore Way, Suite #1 West
Burnaby, BC
V5G 0B3

Inquiries related to this Policy or concerns relating to the collection, disclosure, accuracy, use or retention of information relating to you should be directed to the Privacy Officer. Our Privacy Officer also welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement to this Privacy Policy and to our privacy practices. We may not be able to implement every suggestion, but we are interested and we are listening.


We may amend this Policy from time to time by posting an amended version of this Policy on our Website. Any amendments will be effective from the date on which they are posted. By continuing to use the Website after these amendments are posted, you agree to these amendments. This Policy has a limited scope and application, as set out herein and in applicable legislation. This Policy does not create or confer upon any individual any rights, or impose upon us any obligations beyond, or in addition to, those rights or obligations imposed by applicable privacy laws in effect in the Province of Ontario. If in a specific case, any inconsistency between this Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws, as applicable, this Privacy Policy shall be interpreted, in respect of that case, to give effect to, and comply with, such privacy laws. Any disputes arising in connection with this Policy or in connection with our use, collection or disclosure of any Personal Information shall be governed by the laws of Ontario (and the laws of Canada applicable therein). Any such disputes shall be heard at the Courts in Toronto, Ontario.