Improve Efficiency & Mitigate Risk with a Centralized Mortgage Discharge Solution

Reduce Risk & Simplify the Process

In today’s lending environment, focusing on core, profitable activities is key. Discharging mortgages can often be complex and time-consuming. Not only is this process inefficient and error-prone, but it takes a considerable amount of time, effort and focus for a non-core administrative activity.

ClearCharge allows you to standardize and simplify this process while maintaining compliance with legislation across multiple jurisdictions. This solution helps you establish a consistent quality assurance process to ensure accuracy and ultimately reduce risk.

A Solution that Meets Your Needs

Streamlined Engagement

Collateral Management Solutions manages interactions with the land registry office and notifies the solicitor on your behalf throughout the discharge process so you don’t have to worry and can focus on core activities instead.

Actionable Insights

Obtain title searches for any jurisdiction quickly and have results conveniently uploaded to the appropriate discharge file.

Risk Mitigation

Standardize and simplify the complex and error-prone mortgage discharge process while maintaining compliance with legislation across multiple jurisdictions.

The ClearCharge Advantage

Focus on Core Revenue Activities

Focus on the business of lending while our team processes mortgage discharges.


Easily Retrieve Documents

Get immediate and long-term access to electronic documents associated with your discharge files, eliminating delays and the need for third-party document requisition expenses.


Improve File Management

The easy-to-use dashboard views and flexible search criteria allow you to see the status of any discharge file at a glance.


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