Enhance & Simplify Search & Registration Transactions to Spend More Time Managing Your Core Business

Innovative Technology that Spans the Lending Lifecycle

CollateralGuard is a unified search and registration platform that uses innovative technology to support transactions that span across the lending lifecycle, from Know Your Customer (AML) regulatory requirements adjudication, through to ongoing monitoring and risk mitigation.

The platform allows lenders to quickly and accurately complete various search and registration transactions while easily managing the complex environments that come with engaging with multiple jurisdictions.

Efficiently Manage Your Business

Maintain Compliance in the Regulatory Environment

Integration of requests coming from all sources with an online retail tool, ensuring an efficient management of your web clients.

Efficient Lien Perfection

Access a national, streamlined workflow with jurisdiction-specific business rules to support securing your collateral interests. Ensure your lien is established correctly from the beginning and throughout the customer lifecycle with risk mitigation and ongoing monitoring tools.

Actionable Insights & Portfolio Analytics

Gain insights through our vast market intelligence and review your portfolio against a dataset of your peers and the industry to assess portfolio health and formulate stronger business strategies.

Risk Mitigation & Ongoing Monitoring

Receive alerts about changes in your portfolio such as debtors or assets that require your attention. These actionable insights enable you to take the required steps to protect your interest.

Search & Registration

Connect to all Canadian PPSA, corporate and land registries through a single-point of access.

Asset Monitoring

Mitigate risk and reduce potential losses with alerts based on registration data coupled with third-party authoritative sources to identify interprovincial moves, cross-border moves and changes to vehicle status.


Comply with Know Your Customer (AML) regulations using a due diligence tool that supports account opening as well as ongoing monitoring to help streamline the collection of relevant information about customers and their businesses.

The CollateralGuard Advantage

Optimize Lending Decisions

Leverage various due diligence searches to capture a customer’s complete and current financial state while building your portfolio of insights.


Enhance Operational Efficiencies

Utilize built-in business rules and a streamlined, efficient and standardized workflow that delivers an improved user experience.


Create Better Customer Experiences

Comprehensive data allows you to build customized, client-centric lending solutions that foster long-term loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Minimize Risk

Leverage best practices that ensure you remain compliant and feel confident that you are protected with up-to-date technology.

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